Where are the Four Corners, Really?

April 23, 2009


This article, recently heard on NPR and read on Fark, indicates that while the U.S. officially regards the Four Corners monument as the point where Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah share a corner, the actual intersection is not there.  The monument is placed too far east by 1,800 feet.

The surveying error occurred a long time ago, and I frankly wouldn’t care exact that my son and I recently drove 20 hours one day to stand on that spot.  The wrong spot.

It’s an interesting place, really in the middle of nowhere, a point where four states, two sovereign Indian nations and the U.S share a single point.  The area looks very poor.  There is literally nothing around it but a few small towns, and lots of rugged beauty.

Somewhere, while looking west, I probably gazed out where the four states actually do share a common corner.  I’ll bet that the Navajo (or maybe Ute?) nation will soon make a trail to that spot, maybe charge a few bucks to walk to it.