I’m writing this on a cold March evening, wrapped in fleece with a wine glass in hand, unwilling to turn up the heat because I hate paying high gas bills.



4 months of beautiful warm weather, 4 months of cold, 4 months of so-so

7 months of beautiful warm weather; 4 months of stifling heat; 1 month of so-so

Friendly people

Friendly waiters

Plenty of water

Plenty of blue sky

Rush 20 minutes

Rush 3 hours

Growing old


Rabid football and hockey fans

Coyotes and Cardinals not long for the Southwest

Cornell, RPI, U of R, SUNY Buffalo


Economically depressed

Economically impressive

Pot holes

Flash floods

Rust belt

Sun belt

Home heating bills

Air conditioning bills

Mountains of government red tape




Flower gardens

Rock gardens

Trees and grass

Cactus and rock

Signature Bridge

Hoover Dam

Pink flamingos

Building cranes

55 mph

75 mph

Buffalo Philharmonic


Affordable home prices

Soaring home prices




Pickup trucks



GM, Ford and the NY State Government

Intel, Southwest Airlines, Avnet, Honeywell, Coldstone Creamery and many, many others

Letchworth State Park – The Grand Canyon of the East

The Grand Canyon

2-hour drive to Toronto

2-hour drive just to get home from work

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright!

Come July, I wonder if I’ll be thinking so much of the Southwest…



One Response to Tossup

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