Viewing The Winter Olympics in 30-Second Glimpses

February 14, 2010

If Lindsey Vonn wasn’t blond and pretty, would she get any coverage at all?  Really, NBC would have us believe she’s the second coming and is trying to set us up for a Lake Placid-like Miracle on Ice.

Half the figure skaters don’t look old enough to drive.  The speed skaters’ outfits are so form-fitting they leave little to the imagination.

NBC and CNBC are covering different events.  Yay!  Too bad they are both being produced by NBC.

Bob Costas shouldn’t dye his hair; or maybe he just needs a better rug on top.

Canadian coverage (CTV) puts NBC’s coverage to shame.  If only CTV was high-def.

The altitude in Mexico City; the heat in Atlanta; and now, the rain in Vancouver.  Aren’t there metrics that the Olympic site selection committee should use to eliminate venues not conducive to the sports being run?

Oh yeah.  Olympic athletes are amazing.