Moaning Not Allowed, but Mourning is Okay

December 24, 2008


The International Orgasm Day Orgy, scheduled to coincide with International Orgasm Day on December 21st (mark your calendars for next year!),  was cancelled.  The Israeli organizer caved in to public pressure from those who did not appreciate the chance for hundreds, maybe thousands or even more, to have simultaneous orgasms and unabashed pleasure.

Kobi Druri, the organizer, stated in very plain terms,

…”war,” “violence” and “murder” have become more legitimate than “sex,” “orgasm” and “pleasure.”

How sad a statement is that?  Funny how public pressure can easily halt something like this but has done little to quell organized violence.

Dead in its Tracks

April 17, 2008

The current undisputed sensationalistic story du mois is chocked full of juicy things: mothers, children, underage sex, religion, polygamy and now, courtroom drama and lots of lawyers falling over themselves for attention.

The 80-year-old Tom Green County courtroom and a satellite courtroom set up in a City Hall auditorium two blocks away were jammed with dozens of mothers from the retreat, dressed in their iconic pastel prairie dresses and braided upswept hair.

The mothers were sworn in as witnesses, standing and mumbling their ‘I do’s’ in timid voices. As they sat silently, the flock of lawyers was constantly buzzing with murmurs and popping up to make motions or object as Walther tried to maintain order.

But when prosecutors tried to enter into evidence the medical records of three girls — two 17-year-olds and an 18-year-old — the lawyers jumped to their feet and crammed the aisles trying to see the papers. That’s when Walther called the recess.

Oh, the imagery. This will not end well.

Dirty Laundry

October 8, 2007

Dirty LaundryMy wife said that the paparazzi should leave Britney Spears alone, before she ends up killing herself or being killed, much like Princess Diana. 

Then the paparazzi will go into introspection mode and the media will ask:  “Should we have left Britney alone?  Did the paparazzi drive her to the brink of death?”  And, of course, the introspective answer will be NO IT WASN’T OUR FAULT and after a few weeks of laying off celebrity problem children they will get right back on that horse.

Because our society can’t get enough dirty laundry.

The Hollywood Sex Machine

June 24, 2007

Hollywood sex and glamour drives an industry that not only knows media penetration, it defines media penetration.  The glamour of sex is apparent not only in a relatively liberal country like the U.S. but even in extremely conservative countries like Afghanistan, where child prostitution and pornography can be found with relative ease, and where Chinese restaurants are utilized as fronts for Chinese prostitutes.  Much of the time the West is blamed for bringing its decadence to other parts of the world.  But really, as long as there is testosterone there will be sexual desire.  The availability of film just helps it along.

Back to Hollywood.  Without Hollywood, as a society we would still be curious about sex, curious about drugs, and curious about violence.  Hollywood’s exposition of our seamy underside, however, has really pushed the envelope to the point where the line between acceptable and aberrant behavior has become terribly blurred.  How many killings and implied sex scenes per night do we average today on television?  I love to laugh over a sexual reference, but when Scrubs is on Comedy Central at 7:00 I have to wonder how many kids who aren’t old enough to grasp the concept get the wrong impression about relationships.

And in the end it’s relationships that I’m worried about.  Long-term ones seem to be going to hell in a hand basket. 

So what came first:  Our sexual freedom or Hollywood’s image of it?


Cause and Effect

June 19, 2007

CarrieThere’s more sex, and more violent events on television than there is in real life, right?  I mean, the daily lives of TV characters are exposed to a seamier underside, much more often, than the average citizen, aren’t they?  How many references to sex or sexual relations do we get in an evening?  Lots, actually; the number has doubled since 1998.

It begs the question about cause and effect:  Is the exposure to the hairy edge of morality and ethics caused by Hollywood’s attention to it, or does Hollywood show more to society because more of society is moving to that edge?

We keep pushing the sex and drugs and violence envelope to a younger age.  I would not want to be the parent of a 14-year-old girl.  It must be a very hard task.


Name Calling

May 12, 2007

I was helping a gay friend move some furniture a little while back.  A couple of his friends came over to help.  They’re nice guys, and also gay, and also living with each other.  One of them has taken to calling the other one honey.

I’m no gay basher but I found this to be really icky.  Is it just me?

Sex Education and the Economy

May 12, 2007

In 2006 our government gave $176 million to sex education programs that teach abstinence until marriage.  Here’s what we got for that money:


In light of the current Administration’s push for cutbacks in the Adult Employment and Training program, the Job Corps and other so-called education programs because they demonstrate little significant improvement for the money spent, I think the Administration should fess up to the reality that all the money in the world isn’t going to change teenagers’ penchant for humping each other.  Worse, those teens that fall off the abstinence bandwagon are at risk for unwanted pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases, since these programs are not allowed to talk about condoms and contraception alternatives.

The historical context for abstinence until marriage was affected in small part by the very short time frame between the onset of puberty and the onset of marriage (for girls this was often measured in weeks).  Today there’s easily a 10-year average gap between puberty and marriage – an impossibly long time to try to control one’s hormones and the biological urges innately associated with them.  If nothing else, the $176 million thrown at these programs, with no change in sexual activity between those who participate in abstinence education and those who do not, is ample proof that the programs are not accomplishing what they intended to accomplish.  And they never will.

Here’s an idea:  Invest that money in condom awareness and safe sex while discouraging promiscuity.  Be open about the practice of sex instead of just the anatomy of sex.  Embrace the condom and in half a generation condom angst will disappear.  At least four things will happen:

  • The incidence of STDs will go down
  • The incidence of unwanted pregnancy will go down
  • The number of abortions will go down
  • The number of out-of-wedlock children who stand a good chance of becoming delinquent and a burden to society when they reach adulthood will go down.

Every one of these points:  STDs, unwanted pregnancy, abortion and juvenile delinquency costs real money – billions and billions of dollars.  Funnel that $176 million to something that would really make a difference and we’d save a heckuva bundle.  [Indeed.  In 2000 the cost of STDs alone was pegged at $6.5 billion.]  And the best part is that the success of the condom program is measurable:  It will only take around 9 months to determine if it’s effective.