“Not Having Weapons of Mass Destruction Was a Significant Disappointment”

January 13, 2009

george_bushI don’t think that’s what President Bush meant.  But it was still funny, in a nauseating way, to hear at his last news conference.

And I’m pretty sure his use of the term misunderestimated was intentional, in that he thinks it’s a real word.

If – despite his gnarled rhetoric – you still believe in President Bush then don’t go here.  You won’t find the kindness or praise you seek for him.

Curious Correlation

October 1, 2008

Jen’s Recent Weight Measurements:

Dow Jones’ Recent Behavior:

Coincidence?  Maybe someone should have a talk with her before the economy tanks.

Calvin and Hobbes

June 21, 2008

I stumbled on this while Stumbling.

Calvin and Hobbes was a most endearing, satisfying comic strip, and it still is today.  Maybe because I could relate to Calvin’s curiosity cum trouble-making ability, or maybe just because it was timelessly funny, my life lost a little something when Bill Watterson retired this strip in 1995.

This comic has been gone longer than it was in existence.  I still laugh out loud when I re-read it.

Colbert at UB

April 5, 2008

Stephen ColbertColbert is a funny man.

Harold McNeil, the reporter who wrote the review of Stephen Colbert’s live performance at UB’s Distinguished Speaker Series last night, must not watch Colbert’s television show much.  McNeil’s article failed to grab even a glimpse of Colbert’s comic genius, nor convey the comedic absurdities that flew rapid-fire into the audience.

Colbert’s comedy is deliberate, intense, intelligent and non-stop.  He pokes fun at himself as much as politicians and other luminaries, so if your favorite political candidate gets picked on, it’s not for long as he segues to some other topic worth skewering.  The Buffalo News’ review of the show may have gotten the punchlines right but failed to convey any sense of the delivery:  sarcastic, satiric, thought-provoking or just plain funny.

Colbert was at his best when he did a Q&A session at the end of his performance.  The best question:  If he could name a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor after Jon Stewart, what would it be called and what would it contain?  After mulling it for just a few moments, he said (and I paraphrase) “It would have to be a short pint…and contain matzo and gummy bears – I’d call it Chewie Jewie”.

RIP Peter

March 22, 2008

No more pickled peppers from this guy.

Peter J. Pieper of Hamilton, a longtime Buffalo travel agent, died Friday in Masonic Care Community, Utica. He was 77.   He owned Pieper Travel Bureau in the Brisbane Building for 50 years before retiring in 1998.

Born in Flushing, Mr. Pieper grew up in Lancaster and graduated from Lancaster High School in 1948. He attended the University of Buffalo for a year before joining the travel agency founded by his father, Emil.

After his first flight in a single- engine Piper J3 Cub in the early 1950s, Mr. Pieper developed a passion for air travel. He also explored U.S. highways and attended the 100th anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally on his Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic.

He was a member of Masonic Master Builder Lodge, Kenmore, Zion Lodge in Orchard Park and Hamilton Rotary. He also was a former member of Buffalo Rotary, Buffalo Executives Association, Buffalo Harley Owners Group and Cornell Flying Club.

He and his wife, Margherita, retired to Fresno, Calif., before moving to Hamilton three years ago to be near their daughter, Peggy O’Connor.
Surviving besides his wife and daughter is a sister, Dolores Kessler.

Services will be private.


March 16, 2008


A most addictive distraction from the affairs of the week.

For anyone who likes to watch the patterns that the wind makes out of snow or leaves.

In a Christmas Mood

December 24, 2007

Christmas WreathOn this Christmas Eve I got to thinking:  Has Birds Eye Foods’  VP for Business Development ever been called the Prince of Peas?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.  Don’t forget to think about the really important things in life.

Ya Know What Really Pisses Me Off???

December 17, 2007

Pissed OffThis website.  WNY Media started it, around mid-November.  I thought it was cute and apparently, so did whoever helped start it – for all of about 5 days, after which no one submitted anything new.

It was amusing in the same way that web sites about, say, old telephones, are amusing:  Really focused in on that singular theme.  I had hoped that this site would bring attention not to the myriad major problems affecting our area but rather those small, picayune shards of life that slowly suck the life out of us.

This site could be a gold mine for those who find our troubles humorous, or our humor troubling.  Either one.

Maybe it’ll be updated soon.  I’d consider submitting this post only it’s not pissy enough.

“710” Caps and Muffler Bearings

December 6, 2007

When you need one of those really hard-to-find car parts, this site is the place to look. They have “710” caps.

“710″ cap

They have muffler bearings.

Muffler Bearings

They even have those expensive, porcupine seat covers.

Porcupine Seat Covers

They have Kuhnuetson valves, Johnson rods, seasonal tire air and a catalog full of parts you never knew needed replacement.

This web site is a gem. A must read for anyone even slightly knowledgeable about cars, who wants a good laugh.