I’m a PC

September 19, 2008

The new Microsoft commercials are an evolving series, I think reminiscent of the old Tasters Choice coffee commercials.  But not nearly as interesting.  And much more contrived.  And they seem to ignore the reality we PC users face daily:  Crappy quality, poor documentation and even poorer support from Microsoft itself.

While Microsoft may be very good at legal maneuvering and creating a monopoly, the promise of really great, high-quality operating systems and applications went out the, well, window around the time of Windows 95.  After that, quality was a sacrificial lamb.  With the abandonment of Windows XP for Vista, Microsoft’s credibility keeps falling to new lows, and an ever-increasing share of Mac users is the result.

So far, Microsoft Vista has not been mentioned in any of the commercials.  I don’t believe it ever will.  The company is trying to obviously brand the phrase Life Without Walls, which for the life of me, I still can’t figure out what that really means.

PCs are in need of a revolution.  I think Microsoft can bring only more of the same old shit.