Sabres Fans are Hockey’s Best

January 19, 2010

…or maybe Phoenix fans are the worst.  I’m not positive, but when the away crowd outnumbers the home crowd you know the home time has a problem.  And when the away team is from 2,000 miles away the home team has a real problem.

That was evident last night when Buffalo fans succeeded in turning the Arena into a sea of blue and yellow, and out-cheered Phoenix fans by roughly the same ratio with which the Sabres beat the Coyotes.

Sabres Fans at Coyotes Game

Whether it was hanging out in front of the arena…

Sabres Fans at Jobing Arena

…lining up as the gates opened…

Fans in the Crowd

…or inside the arena, Sabres fans were everywhere.

It was an impressive exhibition of fan support that I’ve ever witnessed firsthand, and an example of why the Coyotes will shortly be playing in Winnipeg or some other city.

I didn’t get the MSG feed so I don’t know how much they talked about it, but having been there I can readily say that in the NHL, Buffalo has no equal when it comes to supporting their team.