January 26, 2009


Since December I have received more unsolicited resumes than I can shake a stick at.  Some make for a great read but I cannot help these people right now, especially when most are asking for work in fields that we, a software development company, don’t offer.  I just don’t need to add a bridge inspector or statistician or tech writer to our staff.

Last year’s job losses nationally came in at around 3.1 million with the manufacturing, professional business services and construction sectors taking the biggest hits, and January hasn’t been kind either.  In just the past week eleven companies alone announced 76,000 jobs cuts and we have not hit the bottom of the layoff barrel.  Worse is the number of underemployedit was 11% in October, and it’s growing and adding to our collective distress.  We are closing in on the 1982 unemployment numbers.

The strongest companies will survive – by working hard, sacrificing, focusing, by evolving and in some cases by sucking at the National teat.  (By the time the proposed $900 Billion stimulus package is finalized I’m sure every congressional district will contain at least one teat-sucker.)

I will work my ass off to make sure that my company successfully adapts to these times.