Innovate Buffalo Niagara

January 28, 2009


The Innovate Buffalo Niagara awards luncheon was held today at the Buffalo Convention Center.  The Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s now-yearly event highlighted 66 companies in 5 categories, from Advanced Manufacturing to Professional Services.  The winners got a nice plaque and a chance to bask in the limelight for about 10 seconds.

The place was full of optimism in spite of the current economic climate.  In a period where many businesses are shrinking, companies like Geico, Multisorb and Roswell Park Cancer Institute are adding to staff.  Granted these are companies whose business products are in most cases far removed from the heavy industries that made Buffalo great in the 50’s and a failure 20 years later, but that’s the point here:  This area will survive this economic downturn and grow far more quickly by having a diverse business environment than by relying on a few big players.  The 66 companies in the competition represent just how far, how quickly, we’ve come in terms of economic diversity.

We need more of these businesses.  Keep them coming, please.