Hubble IMAX 3D

Go See It.

The movie is only 45 minutes long but contains more science than most American school children receive in a year.  (And if they’re in Mississippi or California or Hawaii,  more than they will probably get from K-12).

Avatar and Alice in Wonderland have given the world a new appetite for big screen effects.  Done right, 3D adds immersion unapproached by flat projection.  Hubble 3D combines those effects with reality in a way that the imaginary worlds of Pandora and Wonderland cannot.  Yet so many Americans will ho-hum this because it’s about science.

Go See It Anyway.


2 Responses to Hubble IMAX 3D

  1. I haven’t been paying enough attention to cinema lately. I wish that I had went to see the movie. Have you heard anything about the local movie St. Nicholas of Myra? They are filming it in Buffalo. Not much to do with science but they seem to have done a great deal of research on the life of Nicholas.

  2. myselfcorp says:

    wow this incredible, thanks for sharing.

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