Not Riding the Bus


A couple weeks ago my wife and I were returning from an evening party at the Buffalo Convention Center to our car, parked in the Convention Parking Ramp one block away.  During that very brief walk we watched four NFTA buses go by.  There were two passengers, total.

Running a regional bus service like this does not appear to be very cost effective.  But with all the available surface parking in Buffalo, maybe there’s no other way.

I wonder if the decentralization of the bus system – doing away with the hub-and-spoke model that forces every bus to the central bus terminal, and replacing it with smaller, more localized shuttles – would make more sense.  It’s hard to believe that 50-person buses only filled to 2% capacity could ever be profitable.

One Response to Not Riding the Bus

  1. Mayelin says:

    I understand your concern, however you mentioned that you and your wife were at this “Dinner Party” @ the convention center. If you give it a little more thoughts, ofcourse there would only be a few people on the but late evening, no one is trying to go to work at that time, nor go shopping. So if you want to go party or eat in downtown buffalo, most would use their cars, pay a cab, or ride with their friends. Im sure that the buses are full in the morning, weekdays, don’t you.

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