Missing the Boat

Commercial Plug for EG Tax
Commercial Plug for EGTax

“I’m Esther Gulyas the Tax Lady.  I understand people are doing some pretty unusual things to save money this year.”

EG Tax’s television commercial “Frugal Me” follows that quote with Benny Hillish sketches of

  • A family decked out in winter regalia warming themselves by the fireplace (a fake one at that)
  • A goofy guy riding to work on a bicycle
  • A voice demanding that all the lights be turned off

No offense to Esther Gulyas’ wacky commercials; I hope the business they attract pays for them 10 times over.  But the pretty unusual things are essentially

  • Lowering the heat
  • Using alternative transportation
  • Conserving electricity

The commercial could have emphasized that doing these things and going to the Tax Lady would save oodles of money rather than playing one against the other, particularly in light of how silly energy conservation is made to look.

We need to collectively learn to conserve.  This could have been a great business ad and public service announcement rolled into one.  EG Tax should consider that next time.


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