African Stagnation


This post is from BuzzFeed, showing that in 45 years there has been almost no change to life expectancies in sub-Saharan Africa.  Nowhere else in the world have health conditions remained unimproved for so long.


GapMinder has a stunning graph that plays life expectancies by country.  Select almost any sub-Saharan country, hit the Play button and watch how these countries have stagnated or worse, regressed.  My favorite degenerate African country, Zimbabwe, has a life expectancy that plunged from 62 to under 45 coinciding with the reign of President Robert Mugabe.

I suppose that there will always be some segment of the world at the bottom of the pecking order; I just wonder if this part of Africa is destined to remain there forever.  Certainly during these rough global economic times their future looks even more uncertain.

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