Medicine is Good


Last Thursday a nearly unattended event took place at the Zebro Room at Roswell Park.  The Buffalo News buried an article about it on page D10 of Friday’s paper.

PhRMA, the public affairs arm of the pharmaceutical industry, came to Buffalo to announce that medicine is good.  Nice guy (he really is) Nathan Tinker from the New York Biotech Association added that New York medicine is good.  And Tom Stewart (a really, really nice guy) told us that Western New York medicine is good.

Finally Ralphie from The Sopranos spoke about anti-depression medicine, and that this is good, too.

I thought PhRMA was coming to announce an event like

  • they were curtailing superfluous consumer advertising and physician perks in order to reduce the overall cost of prescriptions.

Instead we got cheerleading from an industry trying to repair its tarnished image before Congress steps in to legislate lower-cost medications.

It seemed insincere.

State senator Bill Stachowski was there.  He looked glum.  I don’t think he’s gotten over losing that Senate Finance Committee chairmanship.


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