Meanwhile in a Third-World Country…

wheelbarrowofmoneyIn what looks to be the next African crisis (not that they don’t have enough already)…

The official Zimbabwean super-ultra-hyperinflation rate is now 231 million percent – about a price doubling every other week.  Unofficially prices are doubling almost daily.  That would put the inflation rate upwards of a really, really huge number (something like 400 quintillion percent since October 1st).  It looks like 84-year-old Robert Mugabe wants to take to the grave as many Zimbabweans as he can.

Indeed, easily-treatable cholera is starting to claim many lives and the epidemic will only get worse as the government does…nothing.  Whenever I want to put our own government’s dysfunction into the proper perspective I only need to think of Zimbabwe to see what the integration of real corruption, greed and weapons in the hands a few can wreak.

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