Asbury Hall


There are not many venues in the Buffalo area comparable to Asbury Hall, the Ani DiFranco renovation of the Asbury Methodist Church on Delaware Avenue.  Acoustically clean and large enough to hold a real audience, The Church still allows music to carry up to the heavens even though its religious significance has passed.

Last weekend’s Transformations After Hours – Buffalo Business Takes Center Stage event (they need a shorter title) was not one of those moments where the acoustics could be appreciated.  The social atmosphere meant crowd noise but nonetheless the entertainment value was extraordinary, and the cause very worthwhile.

Upstate New York Transplant Services sponsors this variety show.  They canvass the local environs for business people with musical talent and showcase them on stage.  The result is a great rainbow of music genres and an even greater appreciation for the ability of these people, whom we normally get to know only as bankers, accountants, and car salesmen.

If Bill Blanford ever got sick of his management position at M&T Bank he could eke out a living playing for Fools Like Us, whose cover of Bob Dylan’s My Back Pages I’m still humming two days later.  And anyone who appreciates bass guitar and clean vocal harmonies had to notice the band’s bass player; who was he?

The traffic lights on Delaware Avenue still suck, but the venue was very nice and the evening extremely entertaining.

This is an event to note in your calendar for next year.

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  1. Jeff McCaskey says:

    Saving Buffalo’s Untold Beauty: A NY Times story about Buffalo, where “poverty is good for preservation”.

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