Airport Security

Airport Security may be necessary today, but it doesn’t have to be so annoying.  I can tolerate the long waits, being forced to remove my shoes (whew) and display what kind of deodorant and toothpaste I use, but there is something that I think could easily change, and it would brighten everyone’s experience.

The color.

If there’s anyone from the TSA out there listening, then please consider the fact that there are colors other than battleship gray that you can use to liven up the X-ray machines, the scanners and especially those trays that we stick our shoes and laptops into.

This is so cheap and easy to do, and would go a long way to making a dreary experience less dreary.  Thanks!


One Response to Airport Security

  1. Drupattie Vanessa Narain says:

    Kindly supply a quote for 12 airport security trays.


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