National Punctuation Day

That’s this Wednesday, September 24th.  It’s a reminder that punctuation, along with grammar and spelling, is still important in the English language.

How important?  So important that if I receive a resume from a prospective employee and that resume has punctuation, grammar or spelling errors, then I will be highly reluctant to consider the resume further.  If the individual cannot care to produce a quality resume, why would I believe that the same person would produce quality work under my employ?  To all prospective employees:  I know many other employers who profess the same sentiments.

Although I’ll always forgive the occasional error – we all make them – one that always makes me cringe is the abuse of the word it’s, which only means it is and nothing elseNOTHING ELSE.  It is never a possessive; If I wrote something about my computer and it’s propensity to crash, I would be cursing myself later for that ridiculous out-of-place apostrophe.  It’s its, not it’s.  We learned this in 5th grade.  Many of us need to learn it again.

Anyway, use the recognition of National Punctuation Day as a reminder to be consciously aware of the common uses of all those little markings that help us make sense of your otherwise run-on and incomplete sentences.  Thanks!


One Response to National Punctuation Day

  1. Becky says:

    I’m worried about writing something grammatically incorrect now! Let me just say that I don’t remember being taught “its is the possessive”, but I’ll remember it now.

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