Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld Go Shopping

While I think this video advertising Microsoft is cute, I don’t get what it has to do about Microsoft.  Is it merely a lead-in to a set of commercials that, as they are released, move Microsoft the company more into the forefront?  Or is this just another Seinfeld schtick on which Microsoft is gambling $10M?  Maybe Seinfeld fans get it.  And Bill Gates is showing his age.

Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” commercials is expected to cost the company about $300M total.  Microsoft’s advertising group better have some followup plans or This campaign is going to be remembered the same way Microsoft “Bob” is remembered.

One Response to Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld Go Shopping

  1. The idiots could have hired “Bob” for a lousy $1 million and accomplished no less.

    Let’s face it, this ad is STUPID. I’m smart enough to recognize different types of humor, even if I don’t find them all humorous, and this ad is about as funny as a steak commercial. It’s kind of witty – but on a level that goes WAY over most normal people’s heads. Who has the time to watch this ad sixteen times, gradually deciphering its hidden meanings. (What the H*ll is the “Conquistador” all about???)

    So when’s Apple’s market share going to hit 10%, next year? I suspect it will reach that magic milestone a month or two early, thanks to this stupid ad.

    To learn more about the fruit cake who commissioned and approved this ad, check out my “knol” Bill Gates: A Critical Biography.

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