The Spread of WalMart

Wal-Mart Growth (courtesy FlowingData)

WalMart Growth (courtesy FlowingData)

This graph at the FlowingData website caught my attention; it chronicles the growth of WalMart in the 45 years from 1962 to 2007, in a time-lapse movie format.

Walmarts are effectively wherever there is population; hence, the entire Eastern U.S. and the West Coast are lit up, but not the Rocky Mountain states.  Of particular note is that the Adironacks in New York are apparant in their lack of Walmarts, yet the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Ozarks are not.  In fact, practically none of the Appalachains are obvious.

Why is that?


One Response to The Spread of WalMart

  1. madmilker says:

    well, maybe it’s the smart people there……like in South Korea and Germany…..even the smart people of India are wising up and Reliance is gonna dot their landscape….and with tat company tat has the star above the door having to sell samurai bonds in Japan to take advantage of lower borrowing costs….sends a signal to the nincompoops on Wall & Road street tat the nice people of Japan are wising up too.

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