Calvin and Hobbes

I stumbled on this while Stumbling.

Calvin and Hobbes was a most endearing, satisfying comic strip, and it still is today.  Maybe because I could relate to Calvin’s curiosity cum trouble-making ability, or maybe just because it was timelessly funny, my life lost a little something when Bill Watterson retired this strip in 1995.

This comic has been gone longer than it was in existence.  I still laugh out loud when I re-read it.

12 Responses to Calvin and Hobbes

  1. cutelilgaara says:

    Truly something to be remembered. My favorite one was when Calvin [pulverized] his dad’s car and said el fugitivo at the end. Hilarious!

  2. therisingpage says:

    First time here…Just wanted to say…I loooooooooooooooooooove that lil guy…Funny i just discovered him over the weekend, i have trouble picking one fav, i end up writting a whole list

  3. unca paddy says:

    You are so right about Calvin and Hobbes. When I think about it (them), I get wistful every time. I little part of me retired along with the little guy and his definitely real tiger.

  4. K to the L says:

    this is the only comic i ever followed religiously aside from Ziggy. ( BOTH sold a LOT of newspapers ! especially sunday which was quite the treat when you got it in color ! ) altho ziggy was good, it lacked the storyline and dreaded duo which is where calvin and hobbes shined. i have to admit to this day i have a special place in my heart for them both still and always will. ( its always been rare for me to become involved with anything so silly … especially on a regular basis ! 😉 ) what made this cartoon for me is it almost seemed to synch with my life exactly when it ran ( originally ) which i cant really explain any better then that. another thing to note here is it was never commercialized and ruined. Bill was talented with his stories and art thats what you got here in a professional manner. just a shame it had to end EVER !

  5. gaaraofthefunk says:

    i have 7 calvin and hobbes books

  6. soulseeking says:

    Great blog…interesting & intelligent.

  7. […] I used to get that I’ve now given up in a feeble attempt to reduce the overload is a daily Calvin & Hobbes […]

  8. linden says:

    OMG me too guys,

    thats really funny


  9. jahzv says:

    Hey!!! I love calvin and hobbes!!!

  10. Brandon Pepin says:

    calvin and hobbes is awesome! if there wasnt a calvin and hobbes graphic novel i would only be reading naruto or dragonball Z. im 12 years old and i love your books mr. watterson! my favourite character is hobbes and i need a dictionary 24/7 in a good way. because im always learning different words. thank You mr. watterson Sincerely, Brandon Pepin

  11. smith says:

    “Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.”-Calvin Well done, Mr. Watterson, well done.

  12. wyndie says:

    yrs ago I bought several Calvin and Hobbes books to encourage my boys to read, they were 9 & 10 yrs old and they read them all of the time. My younger son wanted to dressed up as Calvin for character dress up day at school (they had to pick a character from their favorite book and he of cores chose Calvin & Hobbes) so I had to buy him a Look-a-like Hobbes and of cores the red and black striped shirt!! We still have Hobbes and prob the shirt somewhere. These are some of my favorite memories of my boys and it brings a smile to my face every time I think about it, and I hope they will never out grow Calvin and Hobbes!!

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