Where Does the Time Go?

I’m fritterin’ too much time away on news of all sorts, in an insane and inevitable attempt to stay atop world events.

The upcoming Presidential election (because it does not leave physical scars like hitting myself with a hammer does). That Obama is a muslim (note to self: he is not). PTSD. Scott McClellan. More Scott McClellan. Mars Phoenix Lander. Tomato salmonella. Venezuela. The economy, stupid. ECMC versus the rest of the world.

My personal interests – regionalism, entrepreneurialism, science, technology, religion and politics to name a few – keep me traipsing through upwards of a hundred or more web sites a week, trying to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Of late there appears to be a lot more Internet chaff than ever before.  As an information source, the Internet is destined to become mired in its own contradictions.  Or else to become self-aware, like HAL or Skynet.

Maybe both.

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