Sharing the Road

Bicycle HelmetToday, on a gorgeous Memorial Sunday, my wife and I had the all-American dinner – hot dogs – at Ted’s, an iconic institution here in Buffalo.  Neither of us are fond of hot dogs anymore, but we figured once a year is okay.

On the drive home we passed 9 cyclists.

Not one was wearing a helmet.

There is no excuse for children or adults not to be wearing a helmet, what with today’s aerodynamic and comfortable designs.  In that unlucky instance where the cyclist hits the ground hard, the helmet cracks like an egg and absorbs the shock.  Without the helmet your skull does the cracking.

Kids:  What are you thinking? The last thing you need going through your mind is asphalt.

One Response to Sharing the Road

  1. dicknig! says:

    LLub Tihs!
    At those speeds they get a bump. Not a broken skull.
    I hate americans! They always exxaggerate things so badly!
    Sure out of 1 million bike falls, one managed to crack his skull, therefor let’s all wear helmets!

    Wear a fucking metallic vest and pants too, just in case lightning strikes you!

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