21 years oldAround here most parents’ children see their 21st birthday. My oldest saw his today.

I think this is a more meaningful milestone for me than it is for him; my work day has certainly been affected by it. The next time we get together – which may be a while, as he goes straight from end-of-semester finals to his summer job in Hartford – I think I’ll ask him to buy the drinks.

Congratulations to my 21-year-old and all those other 21-year-olds out there. Be wise, be careful, and go for that brass ring.


2 Responses to 21

  1. Paul Wolf says:

    I have a 17 year old boy who is driving me crazy now that he has a girlfriend that he talks to non stop and now that he thinks he knows everything.

    I hope he can make it until 21 before my other half and I kill him. Tell me it gets better!

  2. Paul says:

    Yes. They leave!

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