Slammed Upside the Head During a Celebration

The University at Buffalo Alumni Association Achievement Awards banquet was held this past Saturday at the Adam’s Mark Hotel in downtown Buffalo.  This year, 19 students, faculty and alumni were honored for their past and present support to the University and to education and science.  My cousin, Michael Buckley, was one of the awardees for excellence in teaching as well as his work with the handicapped.

Dr. Irene Snow, an alumnus and medical director of the Buffalo Medical Group, was also honored.  She was introduced by Susan Banks, who made the most surreal comment when she stated that one of Dr. Snow’s hardest jobs has been to recruit MDs to the Buffalo area at a time when medical reimbursements in Western New York are at an all-time low.

Yet just this past Wednesday my health insurance agent notified me that my company’s rates will be going up a staggering 32% in June, and for the first time our average family health insurance premiums will exceed $10,000 per year.  That doesn’t include the co-pays but, ironically, does include lousy prescription coverage.

I think I’m going to be sick.  On second thought:  I can’t afford to be sick.

The stress brought on by trying to figure out how to pay future health insurance premiums is certain to shorten the lives of many.


One Response to Slammed Upside the Head During a Celebration

  1. Jay says:

    I am not sure if anyone in this area has paid any attention to the fact that health care is between 15-20% of our economy. There are some areas of this country where there are medical industries that attract hundreds of millions of dollars to their medical centers of excellence. These centers supply many high paying and skilled jobs as well as spin-offs. I suspect that many WNYer’s go to these specialized centers and take with them the local dollars from their health care insurance to pay top dollar to well paid medical staffs in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Boston, Minnesota etc. In effect we export our local dollars and enrich other communities. Until this area begins to pay its medical talent on par with other areas we will not attract future talent and will find ourselves shut out of a significant portion of the national economy. Like it or not the Berger commission has laid out a road map to help in spending our health care premium dollars more efficiently

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