Jimmy Gnecco and Ours

Jimmy GneccoI normally don’t write much about rock and roll – it’s something to be heard more than discussed.  But of late I’ve been catching a lot of Indie products on XM radio, and the band Ours has been getting some air play.  They are the first band in some time that’s caught my attention.  The studio version of their latest album is much more refined that the live renditions available for free online, and is worth a listen or two.

With a reputation for re-inventing himself every few years, I do not expect Jimmy Gnecco’s latest incarnation of Ours to be around for long.  However, the band’s just-released album “Kill the Band” (renamed “Mercy – Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy”) has these U2-like rhythms mixed with Coldplay-like guitars and voices, and perhaps a little Counting Crows thrown in for that more sorrowful sound.  Pretty neat stuff, especially the song Worst Things Beautiful.  Makes me wish I was still young enough to enjoy going to live concerts.

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