The Right to Bear Arms – On Campus

Courtesy Chuck RoseAn unarmed, angry, irrational, emotional wreck of a person is dangerous to me only when he’s an arm’s length away.  The same person with a gun is deadly to 50 feet.

Utah allows college students to carry concealed weapons on campus.  Nine other states are considering allowing the same.  Georgia state Representative Tim Bearden, a gun-rights advocate, recently stated “How many kids must die before we realize that firearms in law-abiding hands actually save lives?”

The key words being law-abiding.

…So 19-year-old, law-abiding college student Joe Jones, who just happens to get dumped by his steady girlfriend, decides to get drunk, then drunker, then confronts the ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend Mitch.  How might that encounter end?  I guess it might depend upon who’s carrying concealed handguns, and how freely the alcohol has flowed.

An argument occasionally escalating to a fight occasionally escalating to weapons fire doesn’t see the light of day very much; yet as emotional, irrational beings who tend to become more emotional and irrational – and less inhibited – while under the influence, we know that it happens often enough.

To have it happen on campus, even rarely, should be justification enough to take a long hard look at this issue and rationally ask if the cure is worth the price.


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