Thoughts on Secession

New York - UpstateJefferson is the State that never was.  In 1941 the people in Northern California might have taken it further than a whimsical, political stunt had not the bombing at Pearl Harbor focused their attention elsewhere.

Their story is not much different than that experienced by Upstate New York:  A governmental decision-making process dictated by more populous counties to the south and a state government that (from our vantage point) caters to those counties first and foremost.

A lot of the laws and different things that affect us are voted on by people who’ve never been here and don’t know anything about us,” said John Lisle, a barber from Yreka, California. 

There are Upstaters who talk about – demand – secession from Downstate; and they have arguments, not necessarily believable, indicating that we would be economically ahead to do so – since legislation favoring NYC tends to suck Upstate dry with, for example, unfunded mandates.  Likewise, there are many Downstaters who talk about – hell, try to legislatesecession of New York City and its environs from the rest of the state, using the same arguments.  The common denominator is, of course, New York State government, which over the years appears to have legislated the State into a position where taxes and fees from both Downstate and Upstate outstrip these regions’ ability to pay for them.  Hence we find it easy to blame each other for our woes.

Perhaps we should try to do away with New York State government, and start over again?


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