The Noble Bliss Windpark

Noble Bliss WindparkThe Noble Bliss Windpark project in Eagle, New York, will shortly have 67 windmills (scattered across several square miles of farmland) generating 100 megawatts of power whenever the wind is blowing.  To put it into perspective, if 24 of these wind farms were built around the Western New York area, you could turn off the Niagara Falls power plant and not notice.

As long as the wind is blowing.

This web site doesn’t seem to buy into wind power as a usable or cost-effective way to generate electricity.  From the use of many inflammatory adjectives, I would say that the authors may have an agenda or perhaps believe that fear-mongering will sway the average reader to their side of the argument.  There’s an interesting video you can watch, here.  Be forewarned:  You can be easily nauseated if you suffer from motion sickness.

Wind power doesn’t make much economic sense when a barrel of oil costs $25.  It does, however, make sense to plan and build the infrastructure to help minimize the impact of sudden increases in oil prices to, say $100 a barrel. 

All that is now past tense.  Last week the cost of oil reached $110 a barrel, and there is little to indicate that the instability in the Middle East and Venezuela, the corruption in Nigeria, the economic growth in China, the lack of refinery capacity in the U.S. or the decline of the dollar on world markets will end any time soon.  All these put upward market pressure on the cost of oil.  The growth (and threat) of alternative energy sources – wind and solar in particular – may help keep petroleum prices in check, or at least lessen our dependence on foreign oil.

I’m all for it.  Even if they are in my back yard.

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