Foolish Fundamentalism

Museum of Earth HistoryI have stated this before:  Exluding science in the name of God isn’t salvation, it’s laziness.  The Museum of Earth History, a rather extraordinary place in Arkansas based on Creation Science and the belief that the world began about 4,000 years ago, is one such place where the ownership group profits from that laziness.  Worse, the distortion of good science (Mary Schweitzer’s discoveries is just one example) is simply regrettable.

There is no need for this. 

The hard line camps that preach either science exclusively, or religion exclusively, are both in need of an examination of what each other has to offer.  Important as the Good Book might be, I think the fundamentalist extreme, in particular, needs to read a little more than just the Bible.

I believe that my God wants me to learn as much as possible the truth about this world in which he put us.

3 Responses to Foolish Fundamentalism

  1. You might enjoy this video on this topic.

  2. Paul says:

    No, I didn’t. Satire and the Bible don’t mix. I realize the point was the absurdity of trying to take Genesis literally but mocking something that 75% of Americans use as the foundation of their belief system is no more appropriate than excoriating Darwinism.

    I’d write more but it’s Sunday and I have to go to church.

    Thank you for the note.


  3. […] of Church and Science Someone I really respect has said Excluding science in the name of God isn’t salvation, it’s laziness.  And […]

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