Death by Sneezing

SneezeI simultaneously strained my right pectoral and lateral muscles about 3 weeks ago, leaving me very uncomfortable and downing a lot of Aleve.  Sneezing was profoundly painful, as if the right side of my chest was about to explode, and it made me wonder if anyone ever died from sneezing by breaking ribs.  I imagined that frail, elderly people might be susceptible to this.

This is about as close as I could find.


2 Responses to Death by Sneezing

  1. Kevin Stevens says:

    No, but a friend of mine did break her jaw trying to hold one back.

  2. gab says:

    sneezing is VERY dangerous. if u keep ur eyes open while sneezing ur eyeballs could pop out and everytime u sneeze u stop breathing

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