Delaware Avenue

Delaware AvenueThere are 7 lights on Delaware Avenue between North Street and Niagara Square.  Three out of three times, in the last 2 weeks, with virtually no traffic on the street (that’s a whole ‘nother topic), I watched 6 of 7 turn red on me as I was approaching them.

What’s wrong with that?  The extra few minutes of wait time wasn’t what bugged me so much as the unnecessary gasoline my car and the cars around me burned while braking, idling, then accelerating at each intersection.

Coordinated timing of traffic signals is not rocket science.  I’m surprised that the Delaware lights are so badly out of sync.  Aren’t these the types of things our state DOT should be able to correct in a day?

2 Responses to Delaware Avenue

  1. Becky says:

    Silly – they ARE synchronized. ..To f*** with us. We make the mistake of thinking they should be coordinated to ease the flow of traffic, when that is clearly not the case.

    I’ve had plenty of time to ponder this at 9am on Saturdays downtown, trying to get from Niagara to Washington the most efficient way possible…

    Going through Niagara Square and turning on Court while ignoring the “no right on red” sign works alright, as long as you speed up to run the yellow at Franklin.

    It’s not like there’s much traffic. You know, the kind a flashing light could handle.


  2. […] traffic lights on Delaware Avenue still suck, but the venue was very nice and the evening extremely […]

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