Buffalo Propspectus

Saturday’s Buffalo News Prospectus gave its readers 64 pages of all of the great job happenings in Western New York.  A sampling of this year’s article headlines – focused on talent – reads:

  • “Building with Talent – Western New York’s capable and dedicated people fuel economic growth”
  • “Take a look around, there’s talent at work”
  • “Networking helps nourish, retain black talent”
  • “WNY’s Secret Edge”
  • “Buffalo Niagara economy is growing, but slowly”

These are from just the first of 8 sections in the Prospectus.  All told I counted 40 headlining articles with positive statements about the area and its potential for growth.  Most importantly, it cites several articles from where future jobs are coming and how to get the training needed to qualify for them.  The optimism oozed off the pages.

The Buffalo News already has the content it needs to infuse this type of optimism on a daily basis into its paper.  The Prospectus should be repeated as front-page articles, one each day, for the next 40 days.

It would do the area well.


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