Light at the End of the Tunnel

Maxwell Truth

The January 10th edition of the Toronto Star had this article on Buffalo becoming a hot destination spot for “those in the know”.   Buffalo Rising repeated it that day.  The article is mostly a tour of the city bar scene by local comedian Maxwell Truth (Eddie Dobosiewicz, of Off-Beat Cinema fame), but it contains enough upbeat statements that it easily exceeds the daily upbeat statement quota in one article.

To wit:  After several decades of economic hardship that saw the closing of its major industries, this rust-belt city has become a hip destination for those in the know. Even New York magazine has declared that Buffalo is “on the verge of a moment … with cool bars, shops and galleries.

Wow.  New York Magazine even says neat things about Buffalo.  It’s a funky place (and many of us have known that for years).

One thing I learned about marketing is that it pays to hammer home the message.  Buffalo Rising certainly tries to do this, although its audience is somewhat limited.  How do we encapsulate and distribute articles like this to convince all Western New Yorkers that there is light at the end of the long tunnel we’ve been in?  The Buffalo News and other community papers might serve the community well if there were front page articles like this, day after day.

The local populace needs continuing attitude adjustments before we’re ever going to convince the rest of the country that we are something other than a depressed rust-belt city.  Getting a large dose of upbeat news like this, on a regular basis, might help.


4 Responses to Light at the End of the Tunnel

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  2. Paul Wolf says:

    Great article!. I saw the post on Buffalo Rising, but did not read the actual article. We need all the positive news we can get to combat to constant whine of negativity expressed by people about Buffalo. While we ceratinly have issues to address, there are a lot of great things about Buffalo!

  3. We need to bust through to the people who don’t get their news from teh internets. While I find Buffalo Rising to be flawed due to its self-imposed geographical restrictions, a “good news” TV show that has better production value than Bob Kazee’s offerings on public access, would be good.

  4. Paul says:

    I can think of two avenues one might consider, in spreading the good news – make that three: 1) Upbeat stories in the Buffalo News AND community papers; essentially, good news in the common print media; 2) A larger ratio of good to bad news in the TV news market, for those who watch television news; 3) Upbeat programming, like you describe, at time periods where others might be watching (daytime television) – perhaps news shorts on both sides of Oprah Winfrey; 4) Church bulletins. Seriously. People still go to church around here, what better place than to instill good news along with the Good News?

    Okay, that’s four avenues. I’m sure there are many more.

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