Roger Clemens and Credibility

After watching the Roger Clemens interview on 60 Minutes I drew the following conclusions:

  • I’ll continue to give Roger the benefit of the doubt (his word against his former trainer’s word) until hard evidence says otherwise.
  • It is not the use of steroids that has ruined professional baseball (and professional cycling, too); it is the fact that players took them and then lied about it.  All it takes is one or two liars to ruin the credibility of all the other players accused of taking steroids, and those other players – like Clemens – are now publicly condemned:  Guilty until proven innocent. Baseball may recover; professional cycling probably never will.

And this leads me to think that the lack of credibility in government (“We’re the Government, we’re here to help”) is the result of perhaps only a few dishonest politicians who have ruined it, and continue to ruin it, for everyone else in politics.  All politicians are guilty until proven innocent.

There is a new MRI technique that images the brain and can actually tell the difference between the truth and a lie, based on specific regions of the brain that light up in the machine when one is lying, and different regions that light up when one is telling the truth.

If we’re ever going to bring credibility back to baseball – or politics – maybe it’s time we revert to modern measures such as this.


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