On U.S. Radio Today…

…Is virtually nothing of consequence, nor of interest.  The news stations are spending an inordinate amount of time on the Iowa caucuses – soon to be New Hampshire primary –  which for several election cycles now continue to lose overall influence.  And the local music stations – never mind.  The loss of distinctive over-the-air music in the U.S. is now complete.  Citadel and Clear Channel have won that race, and airwave radio is as vanilla as it can be, save for the occasional college station blasting out at all of a hundred watts.

With two sons in college I have no hope of upgrading to satellite radio for at least a few years so that avenue is closed to me.  What to do, what to do…

Luckily, in our area there’s Canadian radio.  CBC radio (104.1, I think) out of Toronto provides a great perspective on both world and U.S. events.  As a news radio station it has significantly more variety than NPR – it’s also got a tendency to sound a bit more amateurish but hey, you can’t be great at everything.  Even CFNY, which has gone through a dozen gyrations in 20 years, still plays more unique modern music than any other radio station that I can pick up.  For more classic rock ‘n roll there’s always 107.1 (Q107) and there are numerous other stations, across all musical genres, that require a significant fraction of Canadian music content – hence the increased variety over their contemporaries on this side of the border.

Especially for news listening, we have great luck to be living so close to a foreign country.  It is worth tuning in just to get that different perspective on what’s really important outside our own country.



2 Responses to On U.S. Radio Today…

  1. I think CBC Radio 1 out of Toronto is 99.1. On Sirius, I get the national feed for Radio 1, as well as a French CBC news station called InfoPlus.

  2. Paul says:


    You’re right! Thank you for the correction.


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