Ya Know What Really Pisses Me Off???

Pissed OffThis website.  WNY Media started it, around mid-November.  I thought it was cute and apparently, so did whoever helped start it – for all of about 5 days, after which no one submitted anything new.

It was amusing in the same way that web sites about, say, old telephones, are amusing:  Really focused in on that singular theme.  I had hoped that this site would bring attention not to the myriad major problems affecting our area but rather those small, picayune shards of life that slowly suck the life out of us.

This site could be a gold mine for those who find our troubles humorous, or our humor troubling.  Either one.

Maybe it’ll be updated soon.  I’d consider submitting this post only it’s not pissy enough.


2 Responses to Ya Know What Really Pisses Me Off???

  1. Becky says:

    I only recently stumbled upon this site and considered contributing, but then I forgot. That really pisses me off!

  2. Guess what….

    Its back again!!! With the almighty power of Eric Tichy and Matt Pilarski, WNYRants! is born!


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