“710” Caps and Muffler Bearings

When you need one of those really hard-to-find car parts, this site is the place to look. They have “710” caps.

“710″ cap

They have muffler bearings.

Muffler Bearings

They even have those expensive, porcupine seat covers.

Porcupine Seat Covers

They have Kuhnuetson valves, Johnson rods, seasonal tire air and a catalog full of parts you never knew needed replacement.

This web site is a gem. A must read for anyone even slightly knowledgeable about cars, who wants a good laugh.

2 Responses to “710” Caps and Muffler Bearings

  1. Jeff says:

    Great place to find a flux capacitor, blinker fluid, elbow grease & wiper blade sharpener.

  2. […] Originally Posted by Soooshi Since you’re using a SOHC ecu with your DOHC motor, you need to switch your muffler bearings to the DOHC one. C’mon man. It took me a while, but I finally found the muffler bearing in my muffler, and a place online that sells them. Here is the link for you, that way you can point others in the right direction more easily… […]

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