Dying Young

My friend up and died on Friday. He was on a business trip to Utah, and somewhere around the time of his departing flight for home, he keeled over at the airport from an apparent heart attack. Early deaths did not run in his family.

He was my age. We graduated from both high school and college together. We were both exchange students; we joined the same fraternity; we both got engineering degrees. This is a serious bummer, for his friends and especially his family: He leaves behind a wife, a young teenage son and 10-year-old triplets.

I am still trying to sort out my feelings about this. We would get together for high school and college reunions, send the occasional email, and discuss our lives. He was easy to talk to, always upbeat and proud of his family. Now he’s gone, and I’m feeling a bit vulnerable right now, as if my turn is just around the corner.

2 Responses to Dying Young

  1. Paul says:

    I lost a high school friend this year as well. He was a friend for 43 years! Yes, it does make you feel a bit vulunerable and gets you thinking.

  2. agrotime says:

    I hear you man, I lost my best friend when I was a senior in hs, he hung himself. I couldn’t manage to play guitar for about 6 months after his death, guitar was my favorite outlet at the time. I was 18 at the time and just falling in love with my high school sweet heart. She was my foundation for the next 2 years, but when she left I realized that I had leaned on her and never really dealt with the death of my friend. I was crushed when she was gone, but once she left I often wake up in the morning yelling Brad’s name.

    I’m 26 and this has been haunting me for 8 years. Somethings never change, some will, but I’m yet to find them.

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