Tchotchkes on the Brain

I’m confused and tired.

I’m confused and tired

I had hoped that this Thanksgiving week would become a much-needed respite from my day-to-day mental clutter.  It’s not gonna happen.  My brain has too much stuff in it right now, just like my house, and everything is everywhere.  There are a half-dozen unfinished projects building up anxiety in one corner of my mind, end-of-year challenges like performance reviews, budgets and business strategy that keep coalescing into an angry cloud behind my left eye, five or six personal goals just hanging around waiting to get some attention.  There’s my management class clinic next Wednesday that’s festering in some mental compartment, and I haven’t even begun to rehease my part in a quartet to be sung next Saturday.  (Or is it Sunday?  I don’t really remember right now.)

Then there’s my cluttered basement, with my workbench in desperate need of a cleanup.  There are leaves to be raked, my closet is a mess and there are at least a half-dozen Tshirts on top of my dresser rather than in it.

Right now there are so many important things needing attention that nothing seems important and even the slightest motion toward resolving them gives me a headache..  My brain feels like it’s full of Tchotchkes but nothing much of any real value.

Can’t wait to find out what the mad rush around Christmastime will be like.


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