Release the Funny

Release the FunnyRelease the Funny premiered tonight at the Riveria Theatre.

It was great. Done as professionally as they come. I busted a gut. Filmed in and around Buffalo, it has nothing to do with Buffalo (except, perhaps for some Sabres references) and contains none of the self-deprecating humor we often see in Buffalo-made films.

The movie is actually a bunch of shorts (ten of them), uniquely creative and all of them chuckle-funny, some of them outright hilarious. I marveled at the originality of the little plots; Anyone who watched last season’s episodes of “24” will so get the movie “120“, and fans of Star Trek are in for a treat.

This is well worth going to see. And if you don’t see it, buy or rent the DVD when it comes out. Buffalo Rising has a small writeup here.


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  2. Jerry MacKay says:

    If anyone’s interested in seeing the film, it’s screening on Friday April 4th and Saturday April 5th, both nights at 7:30PM. And it’s also in the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival on Saturday March 29th at noon. Visit for locations, and to check out the trailer!

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