The Inequity of the Pro-Life Movement

CrossesAbortion, the Death Penalty, Genocide, Euthanasia, and War:  What do these all have in common?

They are all Pro-Life issues.

So why do our local Pro-Life rallies focus on the abortion issue and not the rest?  Is it maybe because they are not so much pro-life as they are anti-abortion?  The anti-abortion movement veils itself behind the much broader pro-life terminology while bearing sparse homage to the belief that all life is sacred, not just the lives of the innocents.

The front lawn of our church sprouted small pink and blue crosses today – Veterans Day – and a sign with the typical emotional statement to end the slaughter of babies.  I have witnessed pleas from the pulpit to support the Pro-Life movement, but the rhetoric is always about abortion.

It seems so disingenuous.  Shouldn’t we be screaming about Darfur?  Shouldn’t we take notice that in the industrialized world, only Japan and the U.S. still have the death penalty?  If we are to take a stand against the killing of innocents, we need to take a stand against the killing of others, for any reason, under any circumstance.

Today of all days, these “Pro-Lifers” should be standing amongst the graves of the soldiers who died following orders that were not their own, and thinking about all those lives that could have been.


One Response to The Inequity of the Pro-Life Movement

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