While Waiting to Vote…

NYS Voting Machine…I sucked down my coffee for several extra minutes because the people trying to open the voting machine in my district had trouble reading the directions or something.  Every year I get to the polling station 15 minutes before the polls open to claim the title of first voter, only to wait a half hour because they can never get the machine open on time (you would think, given their track record, that they would get there a little earlier knowing it always takes them longer).  One year I had to vote by absentee ballot because they screwed up the machine so badly they had to call someone from Erie County to fix it.

The guy behind me was running for a local office.  He passed the time telling me why he should be elected.  I didn’t think that was legal within 100 feet of a polling station, so I didn’t vote for him figuring that if he didn’t learn the campaign regulations while he was campaigning, he probably wouldn’t learn the local laws while serving.

Coincidentally, the woman who was next in line is the sister-in-law of the guy he was campaigning against.  I don’t think she overheard the conversation but I wonder what might have happened had she done so.

All in all, an interesting end to yet another dismal period of whining and backstabbing.  I’m glad it’s over for a little while.  May our new leaders, whoever they may be, put forth creative and thoughtful new ways to help Western New York regain some prominence.



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