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Obese children


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  1. anonymous says:

    There should be more emphasis on nutrition to parents, stressing the need to set routine meal times, avoid too much artificial or un-natural foods. reduce or eliminate sodas from their diets and stick to water and freshly squeezed home-made fruit drinks. people worry about consumerism too much more than the people’s health. all soft drink manufacturers have to do, is to highly reduce the sugar content in their products to save their company. as for innocent children, parents need to think about what it means to “raise children” and “be responsible for them.” they should be responsible parents by appreciating the gift of bringing individuals into the world, and prepare them for success. parents need to be self-less, consider their childs future and prepare them to be the best individuals possible, both phisically and spiritually. parents need to think and care more for their children, especially their health. they help to bring them in the world, therefore help them to live longer too.
    to correct and prevent obesity
    in this case Natural Is The Way To Go.
    avoid putting temptation in the kitchen. (like artifical foods, fatty foods and pastries)
    are unesscessary….
    avoid bad carbs (anything with flour) Bread, Pasta (macaroni)
    substitute with natural carbs (Good Carbs), like yams, pumpkin, green banana, irish potato
    avoid too much poultry
    avoid having excessive Milk and cheese (switch tio soy milk/ or reduced fat milk.)
    too much of anything, isn’t good.
    Cereals should not be breakfast (they should be a substitute dessert)
    instead of fast food, just cook, not with oil but oil spray cans
    better to boil or bake or make soups
    you can make any llow fat meal taste good by adding herbs
    dont oversize meals, small portions are better
    have fresh veggies and fresh fruits in the home
    remember strategy = success
    strategize your childrens meal plan
    remind them to slowly chew, breathe, and eat tiny bites
    sip on 1 glass to half glass water or natural fruit juice

    Here’s an example of a typical meal plan

    Breakfast: 1 boil egg
    one sml cup of freshly squeezed fruit or
    herbal tea with three spoons of creamer and
    one tsp sugar or w/ condense milk
    one slice whole wheat toast
    five carrot sticks

    Snack I: 1 cup of water/ natural made fruit juice

    Lunch: 1 sml bowl of home-made Soup
    with or without four whole wheat crackers

    Snack II: a sweet option. 1/2 cup jello ( no creamy pudding)

    Lunch : 1 boiled/ baked/ microwaved potato
    no butter
    sprinkle 1/4 cheese
    add herbs (like oregano/ basil/ parsley or all these spices)
    add sweet peppers ( to childs liking)
    add some fresh tomatoes/cucumber w salt.

    Evening time: 1hr before bedtime so they can use the potty and not wet the bed.
    1 cup of warm tea
    mixed with 1/4 to 1/2 cup of low fat milk
    herbal tea bag
    1 tsp sugar/ condensed milk

    sweets are pleasing to children and everyones taste buds, providing a natural substitute can diminish that desire like fruits but remember fruits have natural sugars.
    and help your self to 3-4 servings of it, if desired.
    just follow this simple rule
    three designated meal times, with four – five hours between each
    before lunch have a healthy snack following guidelines above
    then between lunch and dinner, have another small serving of healthy snack
    teach your body to accept a routine
    if still hungry, maybe it’s thirst….just TEA IT WITH HERBAL TEAS.

  2. rene says:

    those poor, poor, children!!!!!! I love animals and kids very much and hate to see them end up like this. I know it isn’t their fault and i feel very bad 4 kids and animals and anyone else who ends up like this and i hope we can make a difference 🙂

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