Road Construction

Road Construction SignThis afternoon I got stuck on Genesee Street, at the very long (and still untimed) light marking the beginning of the Kensington Expressway.  Three guys were working on pouring concrete into a manhole.  One guy was standing in the manhole; it must have been shallow because he was in only up to his waist.  A second guy right next to the guy in the manhole was taking concrete out of a wheelbarrow, one shovelful at a time.  The third guy was sort of just standing there.  Every 30 seconds or so, the wheelbarrow guy would take out a small shovelful of concrete and hand the shovel to the manhole guy, who would then turn the shovel handle so the concrete would drop into the manhole in which he was standing.

They did this four times before the wheelbarrow was emptied.  So the wheelbarrow guy and the just standing there guy walked across the street to their truck, where the just standing there guy just stood there and watched the wheelbarrow guy take a Sakrete bag off the truck, open it and pour it into the wheelbarrow, in an apparent move to mix more concrete while giving the manhole guy a much needed break from all that shovel handle turning.

At this point the light turned green and I had to drive away.  The scene was so intriguing that for once I regretted that I wasn’t stuck on Genesee Street longer.

I now fully understand why the reconstruction of Genesee Street has taken four years and over $9 million to reconstruct just 3 miles of road.

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