In the Last Minute of Life

Holding someone’s handThis past week my wife, the chaplain, walked into a patient’s room at ECMC to discover him alone, dying.  She held his hand and told him he would not die alone.  In those next moments she watched his cardiac monitor display the signs of a failing heart, and then he was dead.

He did not die alone.  We will never know if he knew she was there, but I know she was there.

My wife does so many things that I can’t possibly imagine doing myself.


3 Responses to In the Last Minute of Life

  1. In Da Buff says:

    People like your wife are the true heroes in this world…they hardly go noticed but do so much…

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  3. Paul says:

    In Da Buff,

    I will pass on your kind words to my wife, who I think never gets enough credit for the things she does. Thank you.


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