Meanwhile, Back at the Peace Bridge

Peace Bridge - Tom Toles

Regarding the prolonged planning, discussions, lawsuits, threats, positioning, politicking, teeth-gnashing, chest-thumping and more planning of the new Peace Bridge and truck plaza:  If I were government in Buffalo I would, at this point, throw in the towel.  I would have as many public and private meetings as possible to gather comment, listen intently and let the public and media know that all their concerns will be taken seriously.  And then do whatever I damn well please.

Buffalo government is probably going to do this anyway.  Moving that project forward is long overdue and recent history demonstrates that there is no solution that won’t incur the wrath of some group that feels it’s been wronged.  So I suggest that the city ignore them all and do whatever it takes to put a shovel in the ground.

Not that a new bridge will ever help improve bridge traffic.  We need a few more customs inspectors to do that, not just more traffic lanes.

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