Good News from the Governor

Governor SpitzerI spent mid-morning listening to Governor Pataki Spitzer speak about the City By City Economic Development Strategy that he has developed for upstate New York.  I think he implied that each city will have an economic strategy geared specifically for its special circumstances.  The governor spoke about this for a great while, and although he was not specific about other upstate cities (or even which cities) he did mention Uniquest’s redevelopment of the Dulski building on Delaware Avenue, Bass Pro’s newly-proposed 500,000 square foot mixed-use development where the Aud and Donovan building currently sit, land acquisition in the Outer Harbor, the rebuilding of downtown Niagara Falls, and even gave a November, 2009 date for the official groundbreaking ceremony for the new Peace Bridge.

The good governor then added this single caveat:  “We must have [New York State] Senate cooperation for all these initiatives” which is like saying that if they don’t happen, it’s Bruno’s fault.

Observation Number 1:  Spitzer reads all his words from a script, without any ad-lib.  This really detracted from his time at the podium; I thought he could’ve done better to be a bit more spontaneous.  It made me think that he really didn’t put much time into either the speech or the program.  He came across as a newscaster rather than the CEO.

Observation Number 2:  Many of our politicians are noticeably overweight.  Like their constituency.


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