Missed Expectations

Tongue OutI just got done reading David Robinson’s business article on the BNE’s last-minute snub of the Explore Buffalo Niagara 2007 September event, which was designed to corral outside businesses and Western New Yorkers into various events to foster economic growth in the area. David Roll, co-chairman of the volunteer event, was upbeat about the relative success of the event and the outlook for the next one, possibly in two years.

The BNE had its reasons (bad ones, in my opinion) for pulling out early so shame on them. However, it was the article’s last paragraph that really annoyed me: “The next time, Roll says, the BNE won’t be any part of it“.

Great. Let’s hold a grudge now and forever. This is exactly what’s wrong with this area. You snub me, I snub you. I’ll scratch your back only if you scratch mine.

It’s no wonder we remain so fragmented at all political and economic levels. Mediation, cooperation and compromise are just not part of the local economic equation yet they are essential to sustained business growth. Anything less detracts from the goal: Bringing Western New York back from the brink.

Explore Buffalo Niagara, the BNE and all the other area economic engine-wannabes need to examine how they can help each other by planning and painting a cohesive picture.

Instead Robinson’s story concludes with yet another organization planning to go it alone. Collectively, we just don’t get it.


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