Management 101

I’m taking a management course. My first assignment was to make a list of 10 personal lifetime objectives. Here is what I came up with:

  • Start exercising regularly
  • Go out on a date (with my wife) at least once a week
  • Get back to more volunteerism
  • Finish rebuilding my bathroom
  • Rebuild my kitchen
  • Build a workshop
  • Build a grandfather clock
  • Go on a few exotic vacations
  • Continue writing my blog
  • Read everything and anything

I am not interested in shopping per se; I am not interested in personal wealth, so “getting more stuff” didn’t pop into my mind. So many goals were about “building” something that it’s obvious I have this need for tangible personal accomplishments. There’s probably some psychological pathology defining some inadequacy in my life that drives me to do this.

This was not at all easy to do. Maybe, when I was younger, I might have included things like “find a mate” or “get a honkin’ great stereo”; but for the past couple of decades my goals have simply been to try to learn and do as much as I can with the time I have to do them.

Neither my hands nor my brain are ever idle.


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